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DentalTours UK hipwerk labs

A unique way to travel, get treated and save money!

How would it sound if someone told you that you could get the Swiss implants, get treated by top doctors, visit a foreign country AND save 50%? That's exactly our promise.

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LeChef.io hipwerk labs

Professional network for Chefs

We believe Chefs are artists, creating masterpieces one dish at a time. LeChef is an invite-only platform where the best cooks can post their work. Exciting times to be a Chef!

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Tripchief hipwerk labs

Revolutionizing the travel industry

Tripchief wants to change online travel booking once and for all by inverting the process of finding a vacation. The client submits a request with his preferences and several agencies send a proposal.

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KennelHub hipwerk labs

Home of reputable dog breeders

The place where reputable dog breeders can create their own pages. We give them the ability to write articles, create beautiful dog profiles and photo galleries. We’re building a community for dog-lovers.

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Hardwood Bargains

Responsive e-commerce shop done right

Had lots of fun working on this Magento Multistore setup. A responsive design and custom modules kept us on our toes.

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Automotive ERP

Tracking the whole path of acquiring a vehicle

We've built an internal system for a company that resells new & used vehicles. From the end-client’s request until the handover, there's a flow for everything. There are 7 user roles, every one of them has his own interactive dashboard with a nice overview of his daily duties.

Travel CRM

a secure Customer Relationship Manager

The main challenge was to make a highly secure system for our client. They manage VIP customers’ traveller accounts in this admin interface, that’s why we had to make sure that the information is safe there. 2-step authentication and file encryption was needed.


Accounting documents made easy

We all know that it's a dreadful task to send paperwork to your accountant. The same goes to organizing all the your invoices and contracts. This is where ContaDoc steps in, simplifying the communication between you and your accountant.


Nature in perfect harmony with Django CMS

Playing around with Django CMS we delivered a multilanguage website for a beautiful place, featuring responsive design and easy administration. It was great fun and the result reflects it!

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Pinteresque party schedule

A special project from the Hipwerk Labs. Imagine a billboard with all the parties in your city, ordered by popularity. This is a project that we did a couple of years ago but still does it's job nicely.

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Automotive iOS & Android apps

Top secret

Due to non-disclosure agreements we can not divulge detailed information. More details coming soon.

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