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    We are HIPWERK. Peculiar
    software development
    Cluj-Napoca, Ro.

ServicesCrafting web applicationssince 2007

We speak fluent Python, Django, node.js, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and a bunch of PHP frameworks.
We also like to work in an Agile environment and are big fans of distributed authority systems, such as Holacracy.

  • Prototyping

    Looking to turn your idea into a successful product? Your baby is in good hands with us! We'll create a prototype in no time, having hands-on experience with startups and limited budgets.

  • Consulting

    "How much would it cost to implement this? How long will it take? What technology should I choose? Does my codebase respect coding standards?"
    Let's find out!

  • Custom Development

    Just how you draw it
    Using fresh technologies and following the newest trends, we'll provide you a solution that will fit your needs like a
    tailored suit.

  • High performance

    We love clean code and optimized solutions. We already learned the hard way that walking the extra mile from the beginning does pay off in the long run.

Our workOur signature

  • Partystarter.me

  • Pinteresque party schedule

A special project from Hipwerk Labs.
Imagine a billboard with all the parties in your city, ordered by popularity.

Harghita Resort
  • Harghita Resort

  • Nature in perfect harmony with Django CMS

Multilanguage website for a beautiful place, featuring responsive design and easy administration with Django CMS.

Secret project
  • ERP for automotive industry

  • Top secret project

Due to non-disclosure agreements we can not divulge detailed information. More details coming soon.

TEAMThe few, the proud

Think of us as an extension of your team rather than a third-party.
We love clean code, user friendly interfaces and long walks. We’re not sure about the walks, though.
Our partners vary from talented individuals to professional agencies. We're here to tame the beast, regardless of the size.


Adam JurasCo-founder

Developer at heart, project manager at mind and entrepreneur
at soul.


Robert RichterCo-founder

Experienced code craftsman and passionate techie. Likes
to build stuff.


László LukácsCFO

Entrepreneur by heritage. Represents the sweet spot where tech meets finance.


Norbert MátéSenior Developer

"Real quality means making sure that people are proud of the code they write [...]" (Linus Torvalds)


Tamás MakrancziAndroid Engineer

Full-time thoughtsmith with coding skills. Some say that he's


Dacian RomanSoftware Developer

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath.


Robert OnodiPartner

Technology enthusiast with a taste of entrepreneurship.
Coding life.


Señor DevelópezSenior Developer

Mexican hipwerker and passionate tequila drinker. Shows up randomly at releases and starts partying.

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